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behind bars through discipleship and biblical education.

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Released To Love   February 16, 2016
Ladies Codependent Recovery Meeting
            Codependency often shows up in our lives as a pattern of dysfunctional or abusive relationships. The inability to say no to some people in our lives keeps us saying yes to abusive behaviors.  Kept in this sort of bondage, we are only loving to get love.  Now, freed from bondage, we can be Released to Love, God's way!
         The focus of the meetings will be on building a relationship with God and good biblical boundaries. Boundaries that will stop other people's abusive behaviors toward us.
          Leading and facilitating the meeting will be Mary Tinberg, a long time member and volunteer at Little Lambs.  Mary has graded our lessons, works in the office, and ministered to women through Little Lambs.  We are excited to welcome her back in ministry as she bring a lot of experience through CODA (Codependents Anonymous) and has chaired many meetings in different areas in the past.  Mary will be joined by Ruth Hoffman who has ALNON experience. 
          This is an open meeting and there is no cost. It will be held downstairs at Little Lambs Inc.  You will park in the rear and enter the rear door at 6:30 pm on Thursdays.
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Overcomers Addiction Recovery Graduation

Overcomers Addiction Recovery Graduation April 28, 2015
Avon Park Correctional Institution with Instructor Dean Keppen

Marriage, Family & Parenting Graduation April 28, 2015

Avon Park Correctional Institution Graduating Class of April 28, 2015
Another Graduation after six months of hard work and personal growth.
It has been my pleasure to work with these young men fulfill their
desire for a better future.

Graduation Day Marriage, Family & Parenting Class



It was an exciting night at Avon Park

Correctional when after six months of
very hard lessons these men celebrated
their graduation.

First Day at our New Home

Hogar RESA's first day at Grace Place to clean up and
spruce up the grounds.

Little Lambs Inc. welcomes HOGAR RESA

Eileen Sala welcomed Pastors Carmelo Ruiz and
Eduardo Lebron as they bring their Christian
Recovery Program, Hogar RESA, to Grace Place.
Pastor Carmelo established Hogar RESA (Home,
A Spiritual Refuge for Restoring Souls) in 2009
in Avon Park, FL.  In a partnership with Little
Lambs they will be using the  Grace Place facility
in Sebring as another home for their program.

Our new look ...continued

Our new Look...

Grace Place is finally complete and ready for occupancy.

October 2011 News Letter

Click here to download the digital version of our latest news letter.

Grace Place Interiorscaping by FNGLA

The Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscapers Association's DeeDee and
Holly brought us these beautiful plants and placed them throughout the
house. They left a plant for each girl at her bedside and placed palms and
flowers on the porch. It is the perfect finishing touch.

Grace Place featured on

News Sun recently featured an article about Grace Place.
Click the link to read about Grace Place and the founders, John and Eileen Sala.


August News Letter now available online!

Click here to download our digital news letter for August 2011.

A Gift from God and our Friends

Our Grace Park being put in place to create a spiritual setting for our girls. An ideal setting to contemplate the majesty of God.

July News Letter now available!

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Meet Carl...

Carl is a dedicated Christian man who disciples other men in the prison at Avon Park Correctional Institution, where also serves as the Chapel clerk.  He is a  graduate of the Overcomers class and now a recent graduate of the Marriage, Family, and Parenting class. 

[photo with John Sala]

Happy Day - Graduation Day Avon Park Correctional

Some of our proud Graduates in the Chapel at Avon Park Correctional Institution.

Click here to see group pictures of the graduates of the Overcomers class and Marriage, Family, and Parenting class.

Exam jitters!

Sitting for the Marriage, Family & Parenting exam at Little Lambs.

New Grace Place Office

Here is a view of the new office at Grace Place!

Working on the beds......

A view of one of the bedrooms at Grace Place, in progress!

Moving In....Grace Place

Cleaned and ready for furniture, we moved all our gifted furniture
into Grace Place this week.  Lots of love and concern from all the sponsors.

Holiday Wishes to All of You from Little Lambs Inc.

A Wedding at the Bok Tower for a student.

John had the honor of officiating at the wedding of one of your students, Johnathan
and Lisa Bourque at the Bok Tower in October.  They had developed a great

Silent Auction Friendships

Our Latest Inmate Graduates!

Below is a photo of John with our recent graduates of the

Overcomers Addiction Recovery Class at Avon Park Prison.

Here is Eileen with the recent graduates of the
Marriage, Family, and Parenting Class at Avon Park Prison.

Congratulations to all these men for their hard work and dedication.

[Click here to see our recent and past graduate photo gallery.]

Thank you, MC Painting


Wow, beautiful colors waiting to be cut in and finished with trim. Beautiful
greens, tans, yellows, oranges.  The women coming here will be refreshed by
the lovely colors lively attitude. Thanks to MC Painting, Greg Carr

Sebring Cabinets to the Rescue!

Bill Dailey, owner of Sebring Cabinets,
with Wayne delivering our oak cabinets.
They competed installation and now
we're waiting on the countertop!!

Home Depot Scores Again...Tile

Troy, manager of Sebring Home Depot, with John.  Troy has
just given us a huge discount on all the tile for the Women's
home.  The floors have been prepped and Ray is ready to tile. 

Amazing Discovery!

Just as we were beginning the preparations to install new flooring
and tile throughout the entire house, we discovered a long forgotten
hardwood floor.  After some serious cleaning and elbow grease, we estimate that we will be able to salvage nearly 45% of these lovely
red wood floors.

As you can see, it will take a lot of work, but is certainly worth it!

More pictures to come as the cleaning continues!

Saturday : First coat of paint !

Greg, a professional painter, donated his time and effort over
the weekend to paint the interior of A Safe Place.

Below you can see Greg painting the walls and ceilings.  He was finished in a matter of hours and then off to another job!

Many thanks to Greg for the gift of his time and expertise.
Also many thanks to Sherwin Williams for the donation of paint!

Ready to go with the plumbing

The plumbing fixtures have arrived!

Rickie at Ferguson's in Winter Haven has supplied us with
ALL (every part) of our plumbing fixtures including sinks,
cabinets, faucets, toilets, showers, and garbage disposal.

A great big thank you to Ferguson's
 for such a generous donation!

August News Letter Available for Download!

Click here
to download Little Lamb's August news letter!

New Walls!

With lots of help from our Home Depot crew and
many volunteers, the walls are complete!


Some of our new staff having a look at the new space.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to get all the 12 foot wallboard in place.  Here you can see the cut-out window between the kitchen and dining areas. 

This space is evolving everyday.  It is truly amazing to see how much progress can happen with hard work and dedication. Many thanks to those who continue to offer their support for this project. 

More pictures to come soon!

Excitement as Staff Tour A Safe Place

Our team of ladies tour the progress of the
building after their meeting.  You can see the
high ceilings in this picture.  Lots of planning
and scouring for resources among the group.


Tim volunteered with us for over a week.  He is a professional drywall and painting contractor.  Tim is an old friend of the ministry and we are so grateful for his help with those 12 foot ceilings!
Now we are ready to begin the finishing.

[John with Tim White.]

Thank You Tim!

Little Lambs Inc. now on Facebook

Little Lambs Inc. has just joined Facebook!

Check out our facebook page for updates on A Safe Place and Little Lambs Prison Ministry.

Our goal is to share information and photos about our current projects and keep you informed on our progress.  Feel free to comment or ask questions.  We still are adjusting to online life, but will try to address all question and concerns in a timely manner.

Thanks for you support!

July News Letter

Check out our latest news letter!

A Safe Place Update: Wallboard and help from Home Depot

Home Depot
sent us 4 strong men today
to set up the wallboard in A Safe Place.

Amazing work in so little time! 

The inside of the walls have been covered with scripture verses and new now have wallboard installed over the top.  Insulation was also put into the walls as well.  We hope to complete the wallboard by the end of the week. 

Another crew of 4 local volunteers came in to do the ceilings.  Our ceilings are 12 feet high, just a little harder to do.


Big thanks to all these guys who gave up their time so near the holiday weekend to help keep us on schedule... T H A N K  Y O U !

A Safe Place Update: PLUMBING IS IN !

Whitetail Plumbing came out last week and completed
 all the plumbing for the 5 bathrooms at A Safe Place!

We had to put in all new pipes (even from the street), remove all
the floors in 2 pre-existing bathrooms, and put new floors in all
bathrooms.  We now have 3 shower stalls and 5 toilets installed. 

We chose to add an extra half-bath in the office area to use for

drug screening and other office necessities.  This gives us adequate facilities for guests, staff, and the 10 women to be housed.


Jonathan Bourque, Ray Gonzalez, and John Sala
are planning the strategy for putting down a new
tile floor.  Some of the newest techniques will be
used and at a minimal cost.  Both  Jon and Ray
are students of Little Lambs, having worked with us
through the years.  It is a pleasure to work with
these two dedicated young men who are making a
life and future for themselves and their families.
The floor is in the planning stage but will soon be
time to put it down.


Jackie and Gerald Speirenburg from Sarasota, FL came to Sebring on May 2nd to wire A Safe Place for us.  They are my heroes! 
It was the first heat wave of the year with temperatures in the 90's. They were here on a mission and doing a work for the Lord, they said; and work they did.  Working 10 hour days, for 15 days, with only one day off!

Gerald is a journeyman electrician from Michigan and Jackie is his very efficient and detailed helper.  They acted like they were in their 40's, not 70's. They did some very complex work for us and made us inspection-ready. We estimate that they did over $10,000 of work and refused pay.
They are a very interesting couple with a very varied history. They have been serving the Lord for 55 years.  They are
tremendous role models and it was our pleasure to have them with us.

Welcome the newest member of Little Lambs Inc.

We are so pleased to introduce you to Helen Bingenheimer, our new Community Liason. She will be helping us get the word out for the newest part of our ministry, A Safe Place, Home for Women.

Helen comes to us from Frostproof, and is president of a large Christian Women's Organization in the Sebring area.  She will be joining us at the Little Lambs office. Helen's main function is to help draw support and spread the word about A Safe Place. With Helen's help people will learn more details about this project and how they can help. We know that to make this project successful and sustainable we will need support from the community.

Progess at A Safe Place

A Safe Place, our new building on Magnolia St., is a concrete block house built in 1930.  Our focus this week was framing
new walls.  The 12 foot ceilings and concrete walls make this quite a hefty job.  We were in need of a pneumatic coil nailer for the concrete walls and framing. 

Timidly, we went out at 7 am and purchased the expensive nailer and compressor.  By 10 am our guys were nailing away and framing walls, when Linda Boyd and her 18 month old granddaughter stopped by and brought us a gift.  That gift paid for the nailer, the compressor, hoses, and a case of nails.

What a blessing - Thank you Linda!

Many thanks to all those who are working to help us on this project, you are greatly appreciated!

The transformation has begun, keep checking back here for more progress reports on A Safe Place.

If you are interested in donating your time or gifts to this project please email us, we would love to hear from you.  Also contact us with an questions/concerns:

Easter Blessings

Easter was an awesome day for us. 

On Saturday, we received a call from Jon in Winter Haven, he wanted to share his story with us.  Nine years ago, he was in a West Virginia prison after 20 arrests, and at the end of his rope, hopeless.  There he read John's book (I'm Not Coming Back), and said that it gave him hope and he turned to the Lord.  After making parole Jon is with family in Florida, where he is nearly finished with a Master's Degree in Business Administration!

He called to talk with John and mentioned that he wanted to spend Easter with us, that it was important to him.  Jon brought his
fiancé, Lisa.  We went to church together for an awesome service, and then had lunch together.

We felt like proud parents!  We plan on seeing lots more of them. I was doubly blessed because Sunday was my birthday also!  I look forward to a special spiritual blessing on my birthday, and I was not disappointed.


April Newsletter to be available on the web April1

 The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.  Ps 34:18

April 1, Look for a link to our new digital newsletter on our website.

God is leading volunteers for administrative positions and fundraising on A Safe Place. The permit is pulled, the power on, and the work beginning.  Please pray as we move forward.

Monday we will start new classes at Martin Correctional Institution in Indiantown, Fl.  The men have been invited to attend the Overcomers Class and the Parenting Class. 

Also starting in April we will begin new classes at Avon Park Prison.  We expect to see great changes in these men.

Welcome to our New Website

John and I would like to welcome you to
the new Little Lambs Inc. website! 

One of us will be updating this blog from time to time
to share news updates about our recent and upcoming events,
new photos, and progress on all our current outreach projects.

We would like to point you toward our latest project, A Safe
Place: Recovery Center for Women.  Make sure to view the
new page for A Safe Place to learn more about this venture
and our needs to make this project a success. 

Make sure to check this blog often for regular updates in the
demolition and reconstruction progress of this project.  We will
post pictures of A Safe Place throughout the process and hope
to hear from you if you are interested in volunteering skills,
time, or funding.  Every gift helps!

Please take your time to browse all of our links and experience
our new content.  We have added photo galleries, audio files

featuring John's singing, secure online donation options,
of course, news about A Safe Place: Recovery Center
for Women.

Our new website was created by Natalie Moore,
please leave a comment or send an email with any
questions or concerns about this website.

-Eileen Sala