Little Lambs Inc.

A ministry dedicated to helping men and women

behind bars through discipleship and biblical education.

About Us
Little Lambs is aware of the anger, loneliness, futility, and despair that lurks in the prison cells of men and women who have destroyed their families, hurt their victims, and also maimed and warped their own lives.  They are literally dying to know love, and we are dedicated to showing them the love of God.     

At Little Lambs Inc., we see these men and women as the lost lambs whom Jesus leaves the flock to search for.  Our vision is to lead these damaged and lost to a new and better life through salvation, repentance, and mentoring.  We also believe in the profound importance of concentrated discipleship.  Through our Little Lambs School of the Bible Disciple Training Course we teach the Word and Principles of God. 

As of 2017, we have impacted prisoners' lives in 783 prisons and jails across America.  We are currently serving 2,309 students as of March 2017.  We are blessed with a volunteer staff of many, who work individually with each student, giving personal attention and counseling as needed.  Because of the often rampant addictions in their lifestyles, we encourage recovery at every opportunity and refer inmates to programs and facilities whenever possible.

Little Lambs Inc. also personally works with the Chaplains in many of the prisons in America, especially in Florida, to provide personal appearances for teaching, preaching, and singing the Gospel.  It is our hope and mission to encourage inmates as well as to help them establish true spirituality as a component of their recovery.

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