Little Lambs Inc.

A ministry dedicated to helping men and women

behind bars through discipleship and biblical education.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Little Lambs Inc. has been able to enrich the lives of
inmates in prisons and jails all over America.
It is because of donations that we are able to empower these men and women
to begin new and better lives.  [click here to read our mission statement]
Help make a difference in someone's life... 
People can change!

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Eileen Sala surrounded by just a fraction of the monthly mail.
  • We have students in 783 jails and prisons across America.
  • We are currently serving approximately 2,300 students as of January 2017.
  • Many of these students require assistance with return postage.
  • Our yearly postage costs range from $15,00 - $20,000.
  • Little Lambs Inc. is an official 501[c][3] Not for Profit Organization.
  • Donations are tax deductible as permitted by law.
  • Only 20% of our budget is spent on administration costs.
Donate by mail:                                                              Or stop by for a visit:
Little Lambs Inc.                                                                          710 S. Eucalyptus St
P.O. Box 504                                                                                Sebring, FL 33870
Sebring, FL 33871-0504                                                              (just 2 blocks from the courthouse!)
                                                                                                    9am - 12pm Monday - Friday

Donate by phone: (863)471-2626

Little Lambs Inc. needs your financial investment to keep thousands of inmates studying the word of God and growing into productive, law-abiding citizens.  Each student receives materials on a monthly basis.  Bible study lessons can range from 9 to 45 pages. We also return each inmate's previously completed and graded study.  For many of these men and women, we are their only contact with the outside world.  With your help we can see lives transformed, give hope to the hopeless, and ultimately help to make our communities a safer place.

Consider your donation an investment in the future of this country and the lives of these men, women, and their families.  Many of the millions of prisoners in the United States will eventually be returning to our communities; together we can help to make a difference in their lives.
Use PayPal to make a secure online donation to Little Lambs Inc.